Post-FAT Studio with Sam Jacob and Sean Griffiths. Exploring modes of representation: letraset lines delineate general areas of movement, pace, sequence, and imply or loosen existing formal arrangements. In the collaged works, lines imply the possibility of form and/or designate surface. Yet, imperfections in the application of the letraset indicate the wearing of those surfaces, a shifting, an overlap…the quotidian movement and exchange that are among the defining aspects of Pekham (our "site"). A la Georges Bataille, these drawings are an exploration of the arch’l indefinite, where programmatic identity and power are not explicitly assigned to ascertainable arch’l forms. They are seen as loose gatherings and processes rather than fixed entities. The pieces, as a collation, present precise frameworks within which moments, movement, event, and sequence come to the fore, and ultimately, the hope is that these drawings present an alternate reading of spatial function (akin to Tchumi’s Manhattan Transcripts). A little on program (the car wash): These drawings do not make literal the normative conception of “car wash”. They reveal everything that “the carwash” conceals if considered an arch’l type. These drawings propose that the car wash serves (and has served) as a cultural/social/historical site…a sexually charged one. These drawings attempt to challenge or upheave the normative understanding of what the title embodies through the application of pre-fab (letraset) and hand drawn line, as well as pop art pastiche.